As part of our Matthew Sermon Series we encouraged viewers and parishioners to Give their money in an effort to put trust in God over their trust in their financial security or comfort. We ask each person to consider giving not what they are comfortable with, but what they feel is an amount that reduces our trust in the god of financial security and shows our faith in the Lord Jesus. Consider going beyond your normal giving habits, and donating some extra blessing to one of these trusted causes. 
General donations are a huge asset to our ministry, but sometimes it’s a good exercise of faith to make a special contribution to a specific cause. Try giving some extra resources to a specific fund close to your heart by typing where you want the funds to be used in the comment section above. Two common examples are the love fund, which goes to people in need or our Mission work in France and Ukraine.
2. EXODUS CRY (Anti-Porn)
The forces of evil in our world have targeted women and children and enslaved them through the Sex Industry. Exodus Cry is an organization that seeks to abolish prostitution and pornography in our nation, therefore dealing a heavy blow to paid sex in all of its forms. Use the link below to learn more and sign up for a recurring donation. The link takes you to their donation page. For more information, explore their website and learn how they pursue this goal. 
3. VCA (Vail Christian Academy)
Our church continually supports VCA through volunteering and private giving, but we would love to do more. VCA teaches K-8th grade and builds up young christians in the valley. This is a great opportunity to give to a grateful and local cause that directly furthers the gospel in our valley.